About Us

BotoMap is a local comparison shopping site allowing users to compare prices of local services on a map, saving time and money. Services include spa & beauty, health & fitness, hair & nails, dry cleaners and auto including gas prices. Registered users can also input, confirm and update prices of local services for the rest of the world to see. This coupled with Yelp and City Search reviews enable users to find the best service available at the lowest price possible.

Looking up prices of services in the community can be challenging because there is no directory of service prices. For example, if you would like to look for the cheapest haircut, you would have to call many hair salons and ask for their prices, which takes a lot of time. Then you would search each business on Yelp or City Search for reviews. Overall, the process can be tiring and very time consuming. However, using BotoMap, finding cheapest local hair cut prices along with their Yelp and City Search reviews will take 10 seconds, saving you time and money.